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Our philosophy

Kin is a residential housing product focused on serving the needs of families living in and near cities. At Kin, everything from the design of our buildings to our community programming is rooted in the belief that families live better when they’re part of a strong community.

The convenience of city living has more families than ever choosing urban environments over the suburbs. While city living is convenient, hectic schedules, lack of child-friendly spaces, and the rising cost of childcare all contribute to making city life more difficult for families.

Kin helps alleviate many of the problems affecting city-dwelling families by providing family-oriented design features, kid-friendly spaces and on-site childcare solutions. At Kin, families are encouraged to share in the joys and burdens of raising children - whether it’s recommending daycare options or empathizing over the struggles of potty training.

Living at Kin allows you and your family to spend time on the things that really matter - we’ll take care of the rest.

The Kin family

Dedicated to bringing community and a quality experience to everything we do

Britt Zaffir

Cities can, and must, be for families too. At Kin, we will work tirelessly on behalf of families, city officials and the real estate community, to make this a reality. Who says we can’t have it all?

Daniel Thorne

With my background in software engineering and early childhood education, I'm excited to develop technology that furthers Kin's mission of making life for young families easier and more connected.

Monique Steiner

I know firsthand the benefits of living in a supportive, creative community. I am so excited to bring this enriched living experience to the family demographic so Kin residents can experience these benefits.


Interested in operating thoughtful communities, designing better processes, and rethinking apartment living?

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Tishman Speyer

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